At Homero Ortega Company we understand social responsibility as a commitment to improve the environment in which we carry out our activities, generating a positive impact on society, beyond compliance with our legal obligations and business objectives.

We are a Company that contributes to the socio-economic development of Ecuador, with ethics and responsibility. We are generators of formal work. We comply with all legal requirements to generate a dignified and safe work place, respecting human rights, gender equality and environmental protection.




At Homero Ortega we are committed to strictly comply with our legal obligations. We provide a safe and healthy work environment, free from any type of harassment, respect for human rights, and gender equality. In addition, we intend to contribute to the well-being of our employees, trying to provide an adequate balance between their family and work life, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle


  • Gender equality: 60% of our staff is female with an even higher percentage in administrative and management positions. At Homero Ortega, people are valued for their abilities, not for their gender.
  • Health: In order to provide immediate primary health care to employees, their family members and former employees (especially retirees), we maintain a medical office within our company headquarters. It was established more than 25 years ago, is approved by national social security and sponsored by our company
La Dra. Verónica Rodríguez, máster en medicina ocupacional, atiende en el Consultorio de la Empresa, a Teresa Jimbo, trabajadora.

Dr. Verónica Rodriguez in her onsite medical office.

  • Well-being: In addition to job security trainings, we provide internal and external trainings on topics related to family and personal environments. These can be presentations on family nutrition or workshops focusing on physical activity.


At Homero Ortega we believe in establishing fair and balanced business relationships. We adhere to the principles of fair trade, for which we fulfill our obligations in a timely manner, we ensure that our raw material suppliers receive their payments immediately, and at a fair price.

Most relationships with suppliers have been long and lasting, and are based on solidarity, trust and mutual respect.

We promote the maintenance of the cultural identity and the artisan tradition, exclusively processing and commercializing hats handmade in Ecuador from toquilla straw. We do not market substitute products. This business commitment seeks the benefit of the entire value chain.

In 2021, we organized trainings for toquilla straw artisans on leadership, business and digital marketing, in order to improve their skills and generate opportunities for personal, social and economic growth.



At Homero Ortega, our customer service policy has the mission of understanding your needs and expectations, based on accurate and timely information, to offer a positive shopping experience and quality products that generate high satisfaction.

Our goal is to be a company with committed and trained staff to provide excellent customer service, through all service channels, with ethics and responsibility. Impact on the global market as benchmarks of experience, compliance and quality in the toquilla straw sector.

Ethical and responsible consumption: Our products comply with the standards of sustainable fashion:

  • Handmade
  • Traditional and ethical production
  • Limited production quantities
  • Use of natural and biodegradable materials
  • Quality and timeless products that can last for several years
  • Maintenance service to extend the useful life

Members of the “Mucho Mejor Ecuador” organization: We are part of this private non-profit entity that promotes Ecuadorian production based on 3 fundamental pillars: identity, quality and formal employment. To be part of this corporation, Homero Ortega annually undergoes an evaluation that reviews the level of compliance of the Company in these aspects. Being part of this organization guarantees that our clients purchase products of a high quality, ethically made in Ecuador.

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The main effort of our work within the community is cultural promotion, whose main objective is to contribute to the dissemination and promotion of the toquilla straw hat as a fundamental part of Ecuadorian culture and a symbol of our identity.

In addition, we collaborate with local initiatives aimed at promoting culture in general and contribute to social causes, in order to mitigate situations of vulnerability.

Free guided visits to our factory – museum to publicize the history and process of making the toquilla straw hat. We are part of ICOM and part of the “Network of Museums and Cultural Spaces of Azuay”.

Some examples of participation in exhibitions and cultural events:

Exhibition “The urban hat” in the “Alliance Française” of Cuenca


“Museum Day Parade”, promoted by the Network of Museums and Cultural Spaces of Cuenca.


Lyrical Singer Diego Zamora, Tourism Ambassador of Ecuador



We have a clean production. The materials we use are biodegradable and do not have a negative impact on the environment. We have the environmental license to develop our activities.

We are committed to a culture of recycling and energy saving. We use nature-friendly packaging.

Repressing and repairing hats: At Homero Ortega we offer to our clients the service of repressing hats that have become wrinkled due to their use. Whenever feasible, we repair hats or even use parts of old ones. This allows a hat to be reused, and thus lengthens its useful life, with a positive side effect for on the environment.

Upcycling: At Homero Ortega we are creators and producers. By using old garment materials that are no longer used, e.g. neckties, to create ornaments for hats, we create unique and special products, while mitigating the impact of textile waste in the environment.

We are collaborating with artisan workshops, providing free residual material for making handicrafts, apart from and in our facilities we transform this material into ornaments for hats, brooches, flowers, and other accessories. We always try to generate a new proposal for use, to avoid wasting resources and positively impact the environment.


At Homero Ortega, the health of our suppliers, workers and clients is the priority. From the moment of reincorporation to face-to-face work, we have implemented a COVID-19 infection prevention program in the Company, which has been very successful so far, as no infections have been registered within our Company. The program includes prevention guidelines, biosafety and occupational safety plans, action protocols for respiratory symptomatic employees, among others.

In addition, we have voluntarily requested audits and evaluations of our bio sanitary practices from the following organizations:

  • The municipal tourism foundation (“Fundación de Turismo para Cuenca”), which has issued us their official biosecurity certificate.
  • The “Mucho Mejor Ecuador“ corporation, which has granted us their endorsement of “Good Biosanitary Practices”.


Dr. Gabriela Molina